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a servicing company specializing in non-performing loans where its goal is to effectively manage assets, leading to sustainable solutions in cooperation with the borrowers.

Who we are

Themis (Themis Portfolio Management Limited) is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus with Registration number HE423352. Themis is involved in providing services related to debt management and recovery, asset and property management and real estate commercialization.


Themis is committed to provide the above services to the portfolio that belongs to Themis Portfolio Management Holdings Limited, Themis Portfolio (H3) Management Holdings Limited and Themis Portfolio (S1) Management Holdings Limited (hereinafter individually referred to "CyCAC" and collectively referred to as "CYCACs").


How We Can Help

Our goal is to provide solutions and to effectively manage assets in a manner that will lead to a sustainable solution in cooperation with the borrowers. We methodically evaluate each case separately and create specific offers focusing on optimal solutions.



  • Credit servicing and portfolio management -Themis develops transparent, effective, and socially responsible servicing operations, covering the whole spectrum of distressed asset classes at all levels of delinquency.
  • Real estate management - Through the Real Estate page, we manage real estate assets offering strong returns and value for the stakeholders engaged.

Privacy Management Framework

Themis aims to adhere to all applicable privacy regulations and legislation. To this end, we are committed to perform all personal data processing in transparent and fair ways, based on processes which are private by design, and which benefit from the use of appropriate technical and organizational measures in support of security and privacy objectives. This commitment is applicable throughout the lifecycle of personal data processing, including during collection, transmission, use and storage. Please review our Privacy Policy which is shown here and feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer at if you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy management approach, practices and protection measures.